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Apple News Jailbroken iPhones Send Push Notifications to Random Strangers?

Apple News
Certain jailbroken iPhones may be sending your push notifications to complete strangers, says Till Schadde, founder of Equinux.

According to a Tech Crunch report, Schadde has discovered a bug that sends your AIM messages to random recipients without your knowledge or consent. The problem only seems to occur with jailbroken devices.

Schadde was sending a message from his desktop to his iPhone when he received a message back from a complete stranger. The recipient also forwarded him a screenshot of the notification he received.

On his Twitter feed Schadde posts that, there seems to be a brand new hack that reactivates push with the effect that received msg are broadcasted to strangers

We are looking into this matter and will post more information once it becomes available. If you have experienced this or know of a fix please share it in the comments.

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iPhone Dev-Team Offers Tips to Fix Unlock Issues

The iPhone Dev-Team has posted some tips to help those experiencing problems with the UltraSn0w unlock

It looks like version 0.9 of ultrasn0w fixed up the vast majority of any problems people were seeing with the 3G/3GS carrier unlock. But here’s a brief list of fixes for anyone still seeing problems:

* Unusual battery depletion is almost always caused by people choosing to “Restore from backup” instead of “Setup as new iPhone” when iTunes asks you. This isn’t caused by either the jailbreak or the unlock, but it’s a common 3.0 snafu. The fix is to just re-run the official 3.0 restore and choose “Setup as new” this time. Your music and apps and all that will still be synced, but you’ll get rid of any conflicting wifi, bluetooth, or carrier settings. Then just re-run redsn0w and install ultrasn0w.
* Remember, ultrasn0w works with hacktivated phones too, but don’t outsmart redsn0w into thinking you don’t need hacktivation! If you don’t plan on using an official sim, don’t activate via iTunes with such a sim. Just keep your unofficial sim at all times and let redsn0w and ultrasn0w handle hacktivation :)
* T-Mobile in the USA doesn’t use the 3G frequencies that the iPhones support, so turn off 3G in Settings->General->Network. (Some T-Mobile territories gracefully hand down to Edge mode, but most do not).
* Certain unofficial plans have limitations on whether you can make calls and use data at the same time. That’s not unlock-related.
* Some people have installed previous versions of ultrasn0w using non-standard techniques. While the ultrasn0w 0.9 update should have removed all previous versions of ultrasn0w, these users may have outsmarted our removal. So make sure you don’t still see /usr/bin/ultrasn0w present if you’re at ultrasn0w 0.9 (which doesn’t have such a binary anymore).
* If you don’t need or plan to update to ultrasn0w 0.9 from a previous version, you can avoid having that red badge over Cydia by removing repo666 as a Cydia source. Don’t worry, you can always add it back later :) If you follow us on twitter you’ll be advised of any new updates anyway.

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New Version of Fring With iPhone Push Notification

Fring has announced a new version of their iPhone application which supports push notification. Fring lets you communicate on all your favourite social networks including Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM.

What does it do? When you log out of fring, it keeps you in “online” status so your buddies can contact you, and you can choose whether to respond to an alert notifying you that someone is trying to chat, call, send you files, etc.

How does it work? Whenever someone calls/chats you, you’ll receive a beep sound, as well as a pop-up window, telling you that your friend is trying to contact you. Once you click on that pop-up window, it’ll log you back into fring and take you straight to the relevant window.

How do you register? Push Notification is enabled by Apple itself; once you download the new version, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to enable this option for fring, click ‘enable‘ and you’re ready to go.

If you choose to temporarily disable this option you can simply click on ‘more‘ and then on ‘go offline‘; so once you log out of fring, Push Notification will be disabled, until next time you log in.

You can download fring from the App Store at no cost.

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TwitVid Tweets Videos from Your iPhone 3GS

TwitVid lets your tweet videos directly from your iPhone 3GS. A link to your video along with you tweet will automatically be posted to your twitter account.

TwitVid is also super fast. It offers realtime instant playback of videos which are uploading. In other words, your followers can watch your video even if it’s still uploading from your phone.

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GeoHot vs DevTeam: A new version of PurpleRa1n to deal with Redsn0w with the iPhone 3G?

Immagine 39

Now everyone will know that the DevTeam GeoHot and are no longer in good terms and in fact shortly after the release of Redsn0w 0.8, the tool to run the jailbreak of Firmawre 3.0, Twitter is consumed on a small discussion between GeoHotHo and copumpkin, one of the members Team.

In particular, the boy purplera1n complained that redsn0w use the same “hole” and the same exploit to run the Jailbreak dell’iPhone 3GS, copumpkin but it ran just saying that the flaw was the same but the exploit completely different and created entirely by them, making it cleaner of his own.

Not trusting, GeoHot asked repeatedly Hash codes (ie the identity) for the files needed to run the exploit and said that was not a good idea to release two programs that use the same “hole”.

The exchange of codes is no longer the case, at least not publicly, but the reason why we decided to tell these past is that GeoHot wrote a new message on Twitter, which highlights a problem with redsn0w perform the Jailbreak dell’iPhone 3G. The same problem has also been reported by our users and here GeoHot plans to release a new version of Purplera1n, can also unlock the iPhone 3G.

The invitation to all users, using Redsn0w, lock the screen, download the files you need to Jailbreak, is to wait for the release of the server, an updated by the DevTeam or the release of the new PurpleRa1n, but could be only a pretext to push the team to fixare the problem as quickly as possible.

How to Access More Than 180 Apps or WebClips via Spotlight on iPhone 3.0

Click the image to open in full size.
For some, even the newly expanded 11 Home Screen, 180 (including 4 fixed dock) app slots under iPhone 3.0 isn’t enough. It’s not about need — it’s about want. Luckily, iPhone 3.0 offers another handy, theoretically unlimited way to access apps: Spotlight. According to David Pogue:

You can install UNLIMITED APPS! Only 180 show up as icons—but Spotlight can find and open all of them! (And yes, we tried. Stopped at 250!)

So, check off every single one of your 56,000 (maybe?!) apps and sync them over. Then, instead of swiping right through 11 pages only to find the excess unaccessible, swipe LEFT to go to the Spotlight Search screen (or just press the home button again to get there super quick).
Next, start typing the name of the app, hidden or otherwise, you want to access, and as soon as it appears in the results, tap it to launch.
Boom. App pack rat bliss.
Note: Spotlight also shows WebClip icons you’ve bookmarked from MobileSafari to your Home Screen, so you can go crazy with quick access to your favorite websites as well.
And for those who prefer not to fill up their iPhone with apps, remember you can delete an app when not using it and download it again via the on-board App Store app, without any duplicate charges, any time. Cloud management is a reality, and a second option.

‘Need for Speed: Shift’ Coming to iPhone


It appears EA will be bringing Need for Speed: Shift to the iPhone. The console version of the game is due in September and unlike their previous Need for Speed title, Shift is more of a sim racer rather than an arcade racer.

The news was noticed in our forums as a sidenote on a teaser trailer, but also appears on the official Need for Speed: Shift site:

Expect to be playing SHIFT in Fall 2009. It will be available on Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION®3, PC and PLAYSTATION®PORTABLE (PSP) as well as on Mobile and iPhone.

The news was also confirmed by EAMobile’s twitter account.

The teaser/trailer for the console version looks impressive, but remember we don’t know what the iPhone version will look like yet:


It ‘just released an update of fring, the free application through which you can chat with your friends on Skype, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! ™ and AIM directly dall’iPhone / iPod Touch. Among the news is reported the presence of the Push Notifications of which, however, there seems to be no trace. This is the complete changelog:

IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

iPhone Dev-Team Releases Trial Fix for Push Notifications

The iPhone Dev-Team has released a trial fix for push notification on hacktivated iPhones. The team is requesting feedback from testers and will make changes and polish up the fix accordingly.

You can download the fix from here.

The installation is bit complicated and thus only advanced testers should attempt this for now.

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Upcoming iPhone Platfomer ‘Plushed’ Looks Promising


BlackSmithGames recently announced their first iPhone and iPod Touch game called Plushed. They describe it as a platformer with unique gameplay.

What happens when the fairytale world of a cute little girl turns into a cursed kingdom where she is queen? Her favorite plushie sets out to save her, of course. Guiding her loyal plush through several haunted meadows and creepy castles, you must use your wits to bring down the Evil voodoo mouse and his army of wacky minions! It’ simple; get to the castle, save the princess. You’ve seen it before, but not like this. PLUSHED! The adventures of the reluctant bunny knight

The game is said to include over 20 different characters and 9 large levels and 3 world bosses. Plushed is also said to have been designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch and uses the touch controls and accelerometer for gameplay.

Control different items with your finger or by shaking your iPhone to attract enemies, defeat level bosses, to solve tasks and to do many other exciting things.

While it’s hard to tell much of the gameplay itself based on screenshots alone, the artwork alone looks great and we have high hopes for the game itself.

Blacksmith games is holding a promotion to increase their twitter followers by linking the launch price of the game to the number of followers they have (more followers -> lower launch price).