Ever since iPodTouchMaster left the jailbreak video tutorial scene and became an iPod Touch/iPhone Developer, he has created a wide variety of useful Free Apps for the jailbreaking community and currently has 3 apps on the iTunes App Store: Penguins!, Finger Test, and MTracker. Below are all of the Free Apps by iPodTouchMaster. Be sure to comment!

System (5) »

  1. Firmware Changer - This changes your system version tag to a firmware that you choose. This can be helpful for when you cant install something in installer because the nimrod hosting the repo did not update it yet, and your just that impatient kinda person.
  2. SBSettings - The future of BossPrefs is here: A full BossPrefs replacement. Move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly even while other apps are running.

    3.0.4 makes the window less sensitive to open by mistake for 3.0 users. It requires you to move your finger at least 50 pixels across the statusbar. An easy way to open the window is to tap the carrier logo and the battery with two separate fingers at the same time then let go. If you want it to work the "old" way load the "more" app, go to extras, and set "more sensitive swipe" to ON.

    Note: Fast notes, location, and processes widgets are all moved into the core toggle pack now so they will be uninstalled if you are upgrading from pre 2.99 version. You will not lose the toggles. It is just a packaging change.

  3. Lockdown - Password protect your applications with Lockdown! Full featured with lost password protection.

    Now implemented as a springboard addon so it works much cleaner and faster! (v6.1+ supports iPhone
    OS v2.x and v3.x)

    I completely remade lockdown over the last week because I was getting many emails about new features and bug fixes. Well I am proud to say this version is by far the best one yet. I fixed the SB hook so now it can protect applications opened from ANYWHERE (ie. quickgold, categorys, SBSettings, etc.). There are many new features and fixes, too many to list.

  4. Rename - This app allows you to rename one or more of your springboard apps to something else.
  5. CToggle - This adds a simple autocorrect toggle to your springboard to enable and disable the auto correct features.

Multimedia (1) »

  1. Volume Media Settings - VolumeMC (Volume button Media Controls) allows you to change your volume buttons to external media controls. When enabled you use the volume up button to forward to the next song, and the down button to go to the previous song. If you arent listening to music then you can press either volume button to start playing a song, and if you want to pause a song then you quickly press the up then down button.

    Does not work on 1st generation ipod touch.

App Addons (2) »

  1. Syslog BossPrefs Toggle - Adds a syslog toggle to BossPrefs.

    Note: This requires syslog is already enabled and running on your device first. This only provides a mechanism to toggle it once working. If you do not know what sys log is you do not need this toggle.

  2. CToggle BossPrefs Addon - Add autocorrect toggle to BossPrefs to enable / disable keyboard auto correct.

SBSettings Addons (2) »

  1. Volume Slider Widget - A volume slider widget for SBSettings. Looks like the brightness toggle. Works in place of the side buttons on your iPhone, or if you have an iPod touch gen 1, it is a volume slider.
  2. Close Button - Rewritten for 3.0!

    SBSettings Close Button for those with broken home buttons.

    Note: this is only for those of you with broken home buttons. It only closes the open app. It will not work on the springboard to wiggle icons, bring up quickgold, or such. If you do not have a broken close button, you do not need this.

Productivity (1) »

  1. HWPlanner - NOTE: DOES NOT WORK ON 3.0!

    A Homework planner that adds events to your calendar for reminders! Now without respringing when you make an assignment!

    HWPlanner is a homework planner where you can save a set of classes then have assignments for each class. Also a very cool thing is that when you set up the assignments you set the due date for that assignment and also set an alert date/time. It saves that homework assignment name and description as a calendar event for the date and time you want to be alerted.

Windows (1) »

  1. iBackup - Note: This is a windows application.

    iBackup, for PC only. Backup your applications and restore them!

    What exactly does this app do?
    This utility automatically backs up your applications, application data, and your photos. Then, when you need to restore your iPod because you really want to use the latest Jailbreak, or WinPwn, you can load up iBackup, and restore all of your apps again. The application is only for firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 iPod touches/iPhones for PC. To use the application download it onto your PC, run the iBackup.msi, install it, and you can either run the program from your desktop, or through your Start Menu. Then when you run it you will see several buttons on the top, click the Backup button to backup your applications, application data and photos. Please read and follow the instructions. Then whenever you want to put all those applications and stuff back onto your ipod click the Restore button and follow the instructions.

    iPodtouchmaster05 -- for the script and application code
    Byron_B -- for his icon
    jchaike -- for his GUI

    iBackup 1.8.26 - Automatically back up your applications, application data, and photos