These are instructions on how to password protect individual applications on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Step One
To follow these instructions you must have jailbroken you iPhone or iPod touch.

Step Two
Press to launch
Cydia from your Springboard

Step Three
Press to select the
Sections tab from the bottom of the screen.

Step Four
Press to select
System from the list of Sections.

Step Five
Tap to choose
Lockdown from the list of Packages.

Step Six
Press the
Install button at the top right of the screen.

Step Seven
Press the
Confirm button to begin installation.

Step Eight
Press the large
Restart SpringBoard button.

Step Nine
Press to launch
Lockdown from the SpringBoard.

Step Ten
When launched for the first time Lockdown will ask you to input a safety word and a password. Input the secret word and pin of your choice then press the
Continue button.

Step Eleven
Lockdown will now show you a list of the applications you have installed on your iPhone. Press to select an app you would like to password protect then press the large
Lock button.

You can do this for as many applications as you like…

Step Twelve
Press the
Home button and return to the SpringBoard. Now try to open an application you locked. Notice you need to enter your pin password before the application will open!