How To Install:

1. Upload the .deb (Debian software package) file to your device’s /tmp/ folder. Create the folder if it doesn’t exists.

2. SSH into your device as the root user by issuing the following Terminal command: ssh [email protected]

(You must replace with your device’s actual IP address.)

3. Next, quit Cydia if it is running, and issue the following Terminal command to start installation: dpkg -i /tmp/name.deb

(Replace name.deb with the actual filename of your .deb file)

4. You may delete the .deb file after completing installation.

5. Done.

How To Uninstall:

The easiest way is via Cydia. In fact, the app is installed just like any apps you normally download and install via Cydia. You therefore can also use Cydia to check for its updates too, for instance.