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It’s this awesome new website called and its the only place on the web where you can get prizes for just logging in, answering “Daily” questions, and watching videos. You earn what are called PTZ and you can redeem them for FREE prizes such as an iPod Touch 8 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB! Lockerz is an invite only site so get your invite here at!! (use submit form below)

More Details:

You collect “PTZ” (or points) to get FREE prizes. There are many EASY ways to earn PTZ, from simply logging in, answering questions, or clicking on answers to questionnaires! (click here to see an example!) When you first sign-up you get 2 free PTZ. After that, grab your login PTZs and answer the “Daily” questions and earn a total of 4 points every day (earn double if you are Z-List member). Next, head over to the PLAY section where you can watch over 100 videos and each one gets you 2 PTZ (4 if Z-List). Yes that means you can get an easy 200 PTZ from watching all the videos (or 400 if Z-List)! Earn even more PTZ by inviting your friends! For every friend you invite that joins, you can earn 2 PTZ, and you get DOUBLE when you become a Z-Lister (refer 20 friends)! Keep it up and you will have enough PTZ to get a FREE iPod Touch in no time. It’s really that easy.

Redeem your PTZs for a FREE iPod Touch! Every month they restock their inventory but when fully stocked, you can claim an iPod Touch 8GB for 325 PTZ, 32GB for 700 PTZ and 64 GB for 800 PTZ.

Other prizes are: iPod Nanos, iPod Shuffles, Macbooks, LCD TVs, Xbox 360 Elites, PS3s, Nintendo Wii consoles, digital cameras, camcorders, concert tickets, an assortment of video games for all the popular consoles, Piaggio scooters, paintball guns, and much more.

Becoming a Z-list Member:

Z-list is the VIP private community of Lockerz users. To become this special member you only need to invite 20 friends that sign-up and join Lockerz. When you become Z-listed, you earn double PTZ for every thing you do on the site so the normal 2 point questions will get you 4 points and all friends that join after you become Z-listed will gain you an additional 4 points!. In addition, Z-listers get a FREE Lockerz T-Shirt as a special limited bonus!!

What are you waiting for? Join now and start collecting PTZ. Before you know it you’ll have that FREE iPod Touch!

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Note: When you sign up, you get 2 free points.