iPhones rumors are nevertheless hyped as any celebrity scandals. And the latest to hit the rumor mills is of a new iPhone ?ready to go on sale? as early as July 17, 2009. Now, you call that another rumor that would soon bite the dust or the tight-lipped policy of Apple Inc. to leak, yet step back from spilling the beans altogether. The seeds of this rumor might be linked to the fact that Apple Inc. might like to follow its tradition of releasing a new iPhone version mid-summer every year.
The tongues went wagging and the news spread like wildfire, when rumors spilled from a post in AppleiPhoneApps.com revealing a possible third generation iPhone release. The post even cited a possible date – Friday, July 17, 2009, quoting ?inside sources? from Apple development team. The website has also quoted that the present price tags of $199 and $299 will remain.
New iPhone Specifications – What to expect
There are also reports of a few changes in the external look of the new iPhone. Apart from reports of the metal band around the edge of the device ?gone missing?, the new device is believed to have a comparatively sleeker design with a rubber-tread backing.
Moreover, the rear of the phone will also sport a glowing Apple logo.
The new iPhone is stated to offer 32GB storage capacity.
Although there is no confirmation yet on the price, rumors are rife that the 16GB and 32GB storage is priced at $199 and $299 respectively.
The short battery life in the current iPhone version is believed to be one of the bigger flaws in this highly popular device. The battery life of the new iPhone is believed to be 1.5 times greater than the original Palm Pre
Apart from doubling of the RAM to 256MB, the processor speed is also expected to be twice as fast from the current 412MHz clock speed to 600MHz. iPhone enthusiasts are hopeful about the inclusion of background processing too.
Possible inclusion of 3.2-megapixel camera, for taking clear pictures; along with functions like video-recording and editing.

The new iPhone with iPhone 3.0 software update will most likely allow iPhone users send pictures and videos via MMS.

Built-in FM transmitter is probably one of the most anticipated features to look forward in the new iPhone. Another expected feature is the OLED screen.

? Another enviable feature in the new iPhone is said to be that of a built-in compass and the GPS, camera, compass and Google map combined will functions like ?identify photo? and ?inform about photo locations?.
? The new device allowing turn-by-turn directions is another feature iPhone users are looking up to.
Confirmation expected…
All eyes are now set on Monday, June 8, 2009 for further details on the new iPhone when Apple Inc. Vice President Phil Schiller will give out a keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) in San Francisco. While another theory doing the rounds related to the release of the new iPhone is in anticipation of Apple?s affinity to schedule significant releases in the magic month of July. And analysts are hopeful that a formal announcement is on the cards following the return of CEO Steve Jobs to Apple Inc.
Industry analysts are optimistic that release of the new iPhone would drive demand as it has on other release of the earlier versions. Although, IPhone sales represent about 11% of Apple’s last quarterly revenue, and the Q1 report for the current shows a 123% rise in sales, the new iPhone is expected to steer the smartphone giant clear out of recession blues. And the results are already showing on the Apple Inc. shares, which have risen 43% until now this year, somewhat in anticipation of Apple releasing a new iPhone sometime this year.

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