As most app-fans know, the Tower Defense genre is an over-crowded part of the App Store. There are many great TD games, including Defender Chronicles, Fieldrunners, The Creeps, and Star Defense. Just when you though another couldn’t come out, it did. I saw it in the “New and Noteworthy” section in the App Store, and I kept looking at it, enticed by the crisp, cartoony graphics. I got myself a review copy, and the game exceeded my expectations. The game, is “A Bugs Defense,” $.99, by CDE.

A Bugs Defense is a relatively classic looking TD game, with four towers, and a hand icon at the bottom of the screen. The towers are a slipper that stomps on the bugs, a honey gun that slows down the bugs, insecticide spray, and an anti-bug laser gun. The hand icon is a unique tower though, because it does not cost anything, and has to recharge. You press the icon, and for ten seconds, you can attack the bugs by simply pressing on them using your finger. There are nine maps, three in each environment, such as the garden and the playroom. There are a few types of bugs, including beetles and flies, the latter of which can not be hit by slippers. 
The main game screen is simple. There are buttons on the screen to start a new game, continue a game, if you left it, go into options, and get help. Once you tap “New Game,” you slide through the levels by swiping. 

Then you tap again and start the level. Once in the level, you drag from the bottom of the screen and up into a square, to build a tower. To upgrade or sell a tower, tap on it again, and tap on the buttons on either side of it.
The graphics remind me of the graphics in The Creeps!, and that is a good thing. They make the entire game experience more fun. Also, the nine levels each have about 60 waves, so that can entertain you for  a while. You can also replay the levels, and it is fun every time.
The only small flaw I can find in this game, which does not even affect me, is that it does not have support for different orientations. iPhone users might find it uncomfortable to have the headphone jack jutting into their lower left hand.
Cartoony Graphics
Use a Finger to Squash Bugs
Nine Levels in Three Environment
No Different Orientations
Bottom Line:
This is a good TD game, and is worth your $.99 just as much as The Creeps. An incredibly easy buy for a TD fan.

Graphics: 4.75/5
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Controls: 5/5
Replay Value: 4/5
Overall: 9/10 (not an average)

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