Last week I posted about a mysterious video of an upcoming iPhone game. Forum members played a bit of a guessing game as we all speculated what the game would be about. Some were sure it was a trailer for Cartel, an MMO-type game currently in beta, others through some internet detective work traced the site back to Gameloft and hoped that we were looking at an upcoming Grand Theft Auto styled game.

Those of you who thought we were watching a trailer for Gangstar were correct. We just got some news and exclusive screenshots of what Gameloft has in store for us, and it sounds like a pretty ambitious title for the App Store.


Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is slated to be the first iPhone full-3D open-ended crime sandbox game. Players will be immersed in L.A. gang life and able to explore an entire city filled with buildings, cars to steal or crash in to, and missions that can either be completed or ignored as you drive around wreaking havoc.


Driving controls are said to be intuitive, with both accelerometer and touch controls. The gun fights you will undoubtedly find yourself in are controlled via a touch auto-aiming system and Gangstar comes loaded with several radio station options as well as the ability to play your own tracks.

Also included is some type of rags to riches progression system, where you will connect with people in the city, increase the strength of your gang, and generally grow in wealth and power. Naturally, this all needs to be accomplished while avoiding the police.


Meanwhile, German iPhone site iFUN.de just attended a semi-public preview of the game and posted this brief gameplay video:

The game will, of course, support all iPod Touch and iPhone models and is expected to be available “by the end of summer”.

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