Shortly ago, the developer Andrea Mazzoni wrote in an email which informed about the impressions of the Firmware 3.1 beta. In particular, here are some parts of the message:


The first thing you notice is the speed, significantly improved with respect to the application iPod.

It also noted some improvements with regard to signal reception Wi-Fi and battery life which, in some tests conducted by the undersigned, improves by 35%. Nevertheless, it remains a first beta version which is surely even more performance in the future.

It is also resolved, in part, the problem of overheating of the iPhone 3GS

As you know, I tested the 3.1 firmware on my 3GS and the Sermon on the battery are not, unfortunately, agree with Andrea. Instead, with regard to improvements in signal reception and WiFi overheating and had already spoken here and we can confirm with certainty.

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