The current method of Jailbreak dell’iPhone 3GS proposed by GeoHotz has a problem to the kernel that will be resolved soon. Because of this problem, some applications available in Cydia not working properly and cause of the crash Springboard that send the phone in SafeMode. Then we collect in this article a list (and update) that I will make you Apiro what are the applications that you install and which you should avoid.

GeoHotz not just solve the problem of the kernel (vm_mem patch) then you must re-unlock your iPhone 3GS (for which you should not fill you, as soon will be forced to redo the unlock procedure). Let the list:
Applications not running on iPhone 3GS:

* Winterboard
* Blacklist
* Toggle 3G SBSettings
* IBluetooth
* BossPrefs
* Categories
* LogMe
* Mobile Finder
* Cycoder
* IRealSMS
* Rotation Inhibitor

Working applications On iPhone 3GS:

* Poof
* Lock Calendar
* 20 seconds Lockscreen
* Bitesms
* MCleaner
* Fiveicon
* Reflective
* SBSettings
* Backgrounder
* Five Dock Icons
* IntelliScreen
* Ifil
* CyDelete
* Mxtube

Continue to report your experiences in the comments and will update this article. Thank you

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