A few days ago, iH8sn0w released a new video where he demos the jailbreak of iOS 4.0 running on a iPhone 3Gs with the new bootrom and we told you that a new sn0wbreeze update is coming soon. Well, is seems that ‘soon’ is not soon enough, and today we will show you how to jailbreak your 3Gs manually. NOTE: read the tutorial twice before you attempt this, and make sure you understand everything. The tutorial was written by iH8sn0w and we modified it to make it as simple as possible , so everybody can understand it. But still, the stuff you are about to read is pretty advanced and not accessible to everybody so, if you still don’t understand it, well… wait for the update.

NOTE: this is a tethered jailbreak. That means that everytime the iPhone reboots, you need to connect it to a computer in order to turn it on. Requirements:

STEP 1 : Grabbing your 3.1.2 iBSS file

1. Pointing your hosts

  • If you have your SHSH blobs saved on Cydia/Saurik’s server then follow this tutorial

  • If you have your SHSH blobs saved locally, use TinyUmbrlla

2. Restoring to grab the iBSS file.

  • Place your device in DFU.

  • Start up the iBSS/iBEC grabber.

  • Put the save folder on a new folder on your desktop.
  • Hit “Start Monitoring”.

  • Now go back to iTunes and do SHIFT + Restore. Then browse for your 3.1.2 IPSW. You will need to restore
  • to 3.1.2 in order to pwn 4.0.

3. Saving your iBSS

  • After Restoring, Go to the folder that you have specified to save your iBSS file.

  • You will see folders like (Per**.tmp). Go into one of them, and you’ll see a folder called “Firmware”. Go there. Then go to the folder “dfu”.

  • Copy the iBSS file to a safe place, then you can remove the folder created by the iBSS Grabber.

STEP 2 : Creating a custom 4.0 firmware

Using Sn0wbreeze 1.6.2 create a custom firmware. If you don’t know how, check this tutorial

NOTE: Ignore the warnings after browsing for the ipsw

STEP 3Installing LibUSB for iRecovery

NOTE: If libUSB is not installed properly, your USB might no longer work!

NOTE: If you are not sure what’s running under the ‘hood’ , you can run this mini tool to detect your O/S + Architecture — Windows + Arch. Detector

Download libUSB:

How to install libUSB for Vista/7 64-Bit:

Once LibUSB is installed iRecovery should be able to function now.

STEP 4Pwning iBSS + iBoot

Download this easy tool here. The tool will help you create the payloads.

NOTE: save the payloads in the same place you got iBooty ( i.e. desktop )

STEP 5iBooty Prep

NOTE: It will work as long as you place all of the correct files there

1. Download iBooty GUI, and extract it

2. Extract your Custom IPSW created by sn0wbreeze with 7-Zip or another un-archiver.

3. Grab the kernelcache and bring it into the same folder as iBooty. Also grab the iBEC from the folder Firmware\dfu\iBEC.n88ap.RELEASE.dfu

4. Rename your iBSS 3.1.2 signed to “ibss312.dfu”

  • Rename your Kernel 4.0-Custom to “kernel.40?

  • Rename your iBEC 4.0-Custom to “ibec40.dfu”
Your folder should look like this:

  • iboot.payload <– Created with Payload Pwner.
  • exploitibss312 <– Created with Payload Pwner.
  • ibec40.dfu <– Grabbed from Custom IPSW made by sn0wbreeze.
  • irecovery.exe <– Comes with iBooty.
  • readline5.dll <– Comes with iBooty.
  • iBooty.exe <– Comes with iBooty.
  • ibss312.dfu <– THIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR iBSS from the restore!
  • kernel.40 <– Grab from Custom IPSW made by sn0wbreeze.
  • sn0w.img3 <– Comes with iBooty.

STEP 6Restoring to 4.0 + Booting

NOTE: MAKE SURE you are running 3.1.2

1. Run iBooty and Select “Prepare Device for Custom Firmware”. Run the Process and if you see a snow flake, you can proceed!

2. Now open iTunes and restore to the custom ipsw

NOTE: when you’re done, your device will have a black screen and will not boot ( DFU loop ) . This is normal.

STEP 7Booting

Just Re-Run iBooty and select “Boot It”. If all goes well it will boot! 

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