We have just been tipped off about the possible name for the next jailbreak by Geohot, called Rubyra1n. The domain Rubyra1n.com was registered by the iPhone hacker named George Hotz (aka geohot) on 27th March 2010.
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Interestingly, whois records for both blackra1n and rubyra1n shares same record while whois record for limera1n is different. Geohot might have changed it after the discovery of limera1n.com domain (before its release) back in April 2010. Whois records also reveals that both limera1n.com and rubyra1n.com were registered on the same day, that is March 27th 2010 which makes it even more authentic. Though there is no confirmation about this by Geohot himself. Oh and yes, Geohot is not on Twitter. If you have been following someone on Twitter with word “geohot” in its alias, than it is most likely a fake profile and I suggest you un-follow all such profiles now

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