While many sites are reporting that you cannot create custom ringtones in iTunes 10 this is still in fact possible.

As we have published in our Windows and Mac ringtone tutorials, the general way to create a custom ringtone in iTunes was to modify the info of a track to start and stop at the desired point, create an AAC version of the song, drag this file to the desktop, rename it from .m4a to .m4r and add it back to iTunes.

Unfortunately, it initially seems that Apple is no longer letting you do this as the .m4r file will not add back to your iTunes library. Turns out that you need to add the file back from within your iTunes Music folder.

There are two easy ways of doing this. First you can drag the .m4r file from the desktop to your iTunes Music/Ringtones folder then double click it. Another way of doing this is once you have created the AAC version, right click it and select Show in Finder. Then delete the file in iTunes choosing to remove it from the library but Keep File. Rename the .m4a file you located in Finder to .m4r, then double click it to add it as a ringtone.

We will be updating our tutorials shortly.

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