E3: Handheld Games Shows Off ‘Batting 1000′ and ‘Lock ‘n Load’

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Besides Marble Madness, Handheld Games also showed us a couple of their own titles coming the App Store.

The first title is called Batting 1000 and is a bit of a cross of baseball and bowling. True to its title, the is primarily a batting tournament where you try to do you best across 10 rounds of play. The is well rendered in 3D akin to Handheld Games’ Touch Sports Tennis. Controls are simple and involve swiping upward at the right time to connect with the pitch. The direction of the swipe will affect the direction of the baseball. Handheld Games CEO Thomas Fessler walks us through the :

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

The second is called Lock ‘n Load and is a survival shooter in which you are defending your bunker. The is still at least a month away so several of the details remain in flux. Multiple weapons, power-ups and extras are planned, as well as the eventual possibility of different “skins” or themes.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

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