I have added a special repo for beta testing SBSettings. In it, I have put an update to SBSettings and SBSettings toggles. I am looking for testers that are interested in testing things out. However, there are some rules you must agree to before doing this:

1) This is a beta repo. It should never be given out. It must never appear in any “all sources” packages. As soon as that happens, the repo will be removed. Steffwiz / pwncenter already *ruined* my last beta repo.

2) If you install anything from this repo, you are not going to look for tech support. You will need to be able to send syslogs if there are any springboard crashes or major problems. You can do so with logmailer. If you do not know how to do these things, please do not install the beta repo.

3) If there are issues, you must be capable of describing them well with details and willing to work through them to solve the problems rather than just reverting to an old version with “it didnt work”.

4) As this is beta software, I cannot guarantee its stable (although its working well for me and initial testers). Therefore, if you have a 3gs with no 3.1.2 SHSH stored in Cydia, I suggest you do not bother with the beta tests as long as there is no 3.1.3 jailbreak out.

Ok now that has been said, if you are interested in testing and helping out, please add the repo at this address: http://thebigboss.org/betarepo
Whats new so far:

  • Added app sorting in hidden icons and dock applications section of more app.
  • Added ability to switch to max 2 rows. This keeps smaller window for those that want it. Find the option in extras in more app. On firmwares 2.x max of 8 toggles would be the limit. On 3.x you would be able to scroll pages.
  • Added “App Folders” section to the more app to get the path to a specific app folder. Useful for trying to fiddle with appstore apps that have cryptic locations.
  • Added Activator support. You must have rpetrich’s activator v1.3 or newer. Also beta. We are waiting on the thumbs up from the sbsettings beta test and then this all goes live.
  • Removed EDGE toggle which only worked on 2.x devices and replaced it with DATA toggle that should work on all devices.

[via thebigboss]

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