The iPhone Dev-Team has starting investigating an unlock possibility for the 05.12.01 baseband and warns against scammers already offering it.

Don’t fall for these scam sites! None of them have a 05.12 unlock, none have the 05.11 unlock working on 3.1.3, none have a 3.1.3 jailbreak for newer devices like the ipt3G. They’re trying to capitalize on your upgrade mistake, and they only need a very small percentage of people to fall for them to make their money and run.

Earlier today we reported that Sherif Hashim has found a baseband crash that might be exploited to bring a real unlock.

Those following twitter may have seen some recent very early developments in the 05.12 unlock situation. One of our more helpful commenters sherif_hashim (at a rating of 84p you know he’s helped others much already!) found what looks like a very promising crash in the new baseband. He’s put in a lot of work looking for crashes over this past year, and he’s still looking for more! We’ve started to look at his crash but it’s a long road between any given crash and a fully working unlock, and we couldn’t put an ETA on it even if we wanted to. It’s not even guaranteed that an working unlock will come from this particular crash — it’s just too early to tell.

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