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A German security analyst is about to unveil a new jailbreaking process that will make iPhones much more secure. Stefan Esser, a security consultant and application developer for SektionEins, has found a way to support Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) in iOS, and has developed a new jailbreak tool – to be called antid0te – to implement it, making iPhones much more resistant to malware attacks. The tool will be announced at a security conference next week and should be available soon thereafter.

Esser will be presenting antid0te at the Power of Community security conference in Korea on December 14th. “With ASLR,” the conference notes explain, “an exploit mitigation is added that is not available in factory iPhones and makes exploitation more difficult.” And according to Esser, he’s going to continue to work on further hardening the iPhone: “more mitigations and a full reactivation of the codesigning protection are planed for the next months.

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