Apple has released the SDK and firmware for iOS 4.2 Beta 3 to developers; as well as iTunes 10.1 Beta 2.

The SDK is build 10M2423 and the firmware is build 8C5115c.

iTunes 10.1 Beta 2 is a pre-release version to support testing of printing from iOS apps.

You can download the firmware, SDK, and iTunes from the iPhone Developer Center.

Let us know if you find any improvements by posting in the comments!

AppAdvice is reporting that the new beta is faster and smoother. They’ve also noticed that Airplay is now only present in the Safari and iPod apps.

The default AirPlay button that was showing up everywhere in the past betas (in the default playback control panel), which we were so excited about is now gone. This is very bad news. It’s still there in the iPod app and Safari, but not anymore in the video app, or in the youtube app for example. It makes us think Apple is rather going to go on a per-app basis where developers need to activate it, not to spook away Netflix and the such.

? MacStories has heard that there are more SMS tones in the iPhone update.

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