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Exclusive Sneak Peek: ‘Parachute Panic’ 1.2 with Online Leaderboards

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FDG’s Parachute Panic [App Store] is a game with great hand drawn graphics, fun music, and very simple gameplay which seems to have the same charm as simple games like Doodle Jump [App Store].

The goal of the game is very basic, land little stick men jumping from planes on to the ships below. First impressions on this game can be deceptive as the simple gameplay quickly turns in to a hectic battle against helicopters, storm clouds, UFO’s and moving boats.

Parachute Panic 1.2 is in the works which will spice things up a bit and breathe some new life in to this game. The first addition is a stork which flies by to award players an extra life, as well as new bonus objects to collect that will increase your score. Also included is a new online leaderboard and friends list system, a feature that is close to becoming standard for most games.


Parachute Panic has lived a long life on my , in our original review of the game we questioned the lasting appeal, but I still find myself going back to try to save some skydivers from helicopters every now and again

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