FREE iPod Touch 8GB, 32GB, or 64 GB!!

Summary: There’s a cool website called YouriPodTouch4Free created by Transcendent Innovations and they’re willing to mail you a FREE iPod Touch if you simply complete an advertiser trial or subscription and refer a few friends to do the same. You can choose what advertiser “offer” you’d like and some are free or very cheap. Even if you end of spending a little, its nothing compared to the value of a Free iPod Touch! After your offer requirements are completed you just need to refer a few friends to do the same. Just 5 friends and you get a 8GB iPod Touch, 6 for 32GB, and 8 for 64GB! As always has a guide for it with complete detailed steps.

Step 1: Sign Up

The sign up processes is very painless. Click Here for the link or Click The Image Above. Choose what FREE iPod Touch model you would like for FREE or you can even choose a $350 Cash/Apple card option (you can change your selection at any time after you account is created). Next enter your email address and other info it asks. You can change your address later if needed. When it asks what type of account you would like, choose Referral Account.

Step 2: Complete ”Offer” Requirements
On your progress page you will see it says “To complete your offer requirements, you must complete 1 Level A offer or 50 points worth of Level B offers.”

This is the hardest step for some people because it requires you to sign up from an advertiser and all of them require using a credit card. There are some EASY and FREE ones however that you can cancel without being charged a dime!

The one I recommend is the offer under the Level B offers (find this by clicking most popular offers tab, it will be the top offer). You will be directed to’s website, It is important to note that you will need a credit card to complete ANY of the offers. But don’t worry. As long as you follow these instructions you will not be charged. You must apply for their FREE 21 day trial (they will say you must keep the account for at least 21 days in order to retain the credit towards your free gift but this is not true, you can cancel after a couple of days and will receive an e-mail saying that you will not be charged a thing. Just make sure you cancel BEFORE 21 days. After you have finished the sign up, printout your $5 free from Once you have the printout you’ll want to cancel your account. They give you a toll free phone number: 1-877-782-6736.

*NOTE: If you don’t own a credit card I recommend heading over to Safeway and getting one of those visa gift cards, these work fine!

—>Don’t forget you’re getting a FREE iPod Touch which is worth a few hundred so spending a little to complete these offers isn’t much.

Other Easy Offers:

Level A (complete 1 offer): $7.49 for Gold Membership. Credit is typically awarded same day. Rent video games with a $9 trial. Credit is typically awarded 2-3 business days.
Blockbuster: Rent movies for $10/month. Credit is typically awarded instantly.

Level B (must add up to 50 points): Register for a 4 week trial, install, and print postage. Credit is typically awarded instantly. Register and complete the 7-day Napster trial. Credit is typically awarded on the 8th day. Register for the eMusic trial. Credit is typically awarded same day. Register for Crunking Ringtones and confirm the PIN. Credit is typically awarded instantly.

Step 3: Refer Your Friends To Do The Same
You will need to get required amount of referrals depending on what iPod Touch you choose:

8GB iPod Touch – 5 referrals
32GB iPod Touch – 6 referrals
64GB iPod Touch – 8 referrals

Give your referral link to your friends, family, co-workers, post a YouTube video, or post on Facebook and tell them to follow the simple steps you just did. Your referral link is displayed on your status page when you login.

Step 4: Receive Your FREE iPod Touch!
This is the most exciting step. If you‘ve successfully completed the above step, your FREE iPod Touch will be on its way. A year ago, I received an iPod from this company and it was shipped with UPS. The only thing I’m sure is that you’ll receive your iPod Touch in the mail within one or two weeks!

Make Sure To Follow The Rules!
-Don’t sign up at the same site more than once
-Don’t do the same offer more than once
-Don’t sign up under yourself!